What Mileage Is Good for a Used Truck?

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If you’re interested in finding a pre-owned truck, there are several pieces of information for you to consider before making a purchase, including the vehicle’s mileage. Comparing used trucks based on their wear and tear and mileage is essential to get the most out of your vehicle after you leave the dealership. Keep reading to find out what good mileage is on a used truck, what driving conditions and factors can impact its mileage, and how to get the best mileage out of your vehicle once you drive it off the lot.

What Mileage Is Good for a Used Truck?

Used Toyota Truck in Norwood, MA

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When buying a used truck, reviewing its mileage is a great way to evaluate wear and tear and understand how much its previous owners drove it. This can give you an idea of how many miles it has left before requiring serious maintenance and repairs and can help you make an informed purchase.

Although there’s no magic number to look for in the mileage on a pre-owned truck, you’ll typically want to look for one with a gasoline engine that has less than 100,000 miles or one with a diesel engine with less than 200,000 miles. While a general rule of thumb for buying a used vehicle is the lower the mileage, the better, finding a car with mileage under these numbers is an excellent place to start.

How Does the Truck’s Maintenance History Impact Its Mileage?

When you’re comparing multiple used trucks, consider asking for each vehicle’s maintenance history to learn more about whether they’ve received routine oil changes and if previous owners stayed up to date on their maintenance. While many truck owners may not know this, regular oil changes ensure the vehicle runs properly and can affect the vehicle’s fuel economy and mileage.

When servicing your truck, talk to one of the factory-trained experts in our service department to understand which type of oil will be most beneficial for your engine. This can help you protect the longevity of your vehicle and keep it running for many miles to come.

Do Diesel and Gasoline Engines Get Different Mileage?

When you’re shopping for a pre-owned truck, it’s important to consider whether a vehicle has a gasoline or diesel engine. Diesel engines last longer than gas engines because they’re stronger and prepared to handle more intense cycles.

This means that engines on diesel trucks can last for hundreds of thousands of miles, which is why you can rest assured that a pre-owned diesel truck with 200,000 miles could still be a great option. However, as modern gas engines become even more robust, the difference in capability between gas and diesel engines continues to decrease, making both options a great choice if you’re looking for a used truck.

Does Your Truck Get Better Mileage in the City or on the Highway?

For better mileage from your pre-owned truck, the type of usage matters, and you’ll rack up different amounts of wear and tear depending on whether you’re in the city or on the highway. While some people think it’s better for your vehicle when you use it only when running quick errands in the city, highway driving is better for your pre-owned truck.

For the same mileage, your truck will probably show less wear and be in better condition after highway driving than after trips in the city. Highway drives are typically longer than trips within a city, which means a driver stops and starts their vehicle more often during frequent city driving.

For example, if Driver A has 5,000 miles on their truck from 20 trips on the highway and Driver B has 5,000 miles on their truck from 200 trips in the city, Driver B turned on their vehicle 10 times more than Driver A. When they turned on their truck, warmed up the engine, and adjusted their seat or temperature, they acquired small amounts of wear on their vehicles. So, for the same mileage, Driver B acquired 10 times the amount of wear and tear.

How To Get the Best Mileage From Your Truck

Here are some tips you can follow to get the best mileage from your used truck:

Keep Up With Maintenance

Routine maintenance is an easy way to ensure your pre-owned truck is getting the best possible mileage. Keeping up with oil changes and wheel alignment can help you ensure your vehicle is functioning properly and enables you to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. For example, misalignment can create poor fuel economy and vehicle handling, costing you more money and impacting your truck’s safety and reliability. Staying on top of your vehicle’s service needs can help you ensure your car runs well and keep you safe on the road.

Research the Model Before Your Visit

Before visiting the dealership, check out our inventory of used vehicles online and research the model you’re interested in. The more you know about it, the better prepared you are to evaluate its condition and consider factors like its mileage and wear and tear. You can always call us at 866-633-0556 to talk to one of our sales team members and learn more about the used trucks we offer.

Check Your Truck’s Fluid Levels

It’s important to stay on top of your vehicle’s fluid levels, including gasoline, windshield wiper fluid, and engine coolant. Letting these fluids run low can impact your truck’s functioning and cause performance, safety, and handling issues. Prevent premature damage to your used truck by checking its fluids and refilling them before they get too low.

At Nucar Toyota of Norwood, we know how important it is to find the right used truck for your budget and lifestyle. Contact us or stop by our dealership to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals to review your options. You can also browse our inventory of used vehicles online to see if any trucks spark your interest and talk to a team member about their features, condition, and miles.

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